Saturday, July 30, 2011

Defining what real food means to me.

There are lots of definitions out there of real food. I am sticking pretty much to the guidelines that can be found here the exception of the 5 ingredient rule for a few things, one of them being Annie's gluten free macaroni and cheese, a quick organic staple for us.

The first step was to clean out my pantry. I threw out anything that was expired. The next question is, do I throw out the "junk" food or donate it? I don't want to waste food but the thought of giving someone less fortunate junk food to eat makes me feel bad too.

We are on a tight budget as well. We live in a high-cost area and are in professions that do not earn high salaries (hence why we both work.) I have tried to set a grocery budget of $100.00/ week. This was doable when I was couponing, but there do not seem to be many coupon deals for "real foods". Ho hum. I am thinking of trying to bump it up to $125/week if we can cut costs elsewhere, such as dining out.

To the actual food, today's breakfast was scrambled duck eggs(my mom picked up and gave them to me from a local farm) with local dill chive cheese and a local peach. It was delicious. Now I just have to figure out the rest of my meals..

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